Turn any photo, image or design into an acoustic treatment!!!

The world really is your oyster in terms of what can be achieved with Seraphic – High Performance Digital Print Finishes. With flexibility and virtually limitless design options, Seraphic combines Baresque’s extensive skills and experience in materials, service and design with in house capability and over 20 years digital print experience.
A dedicated internal digital Project Manager is on hand to ensure your dreams come to life just as expected.

Combine the performance of a cost effective sound absorption solution with a digitally printed graphic of your choice for stunning yet functional art. Baresque’s range of Zintra Acoustic solutions, available in 3mm or 12mm thickness can now be digitally printed to provide an extra creative element to your project. Zintra with Seraphic Digital Print encompasses all the great benefits of our plain Zintra panels including easy fabrication, suits multiple applications, pinnable and easy to install.

Additional information on Zintra can be found in our Zintra Acoustic Solutions Design Essentials brochure.

More information on Seraphic – High Performance Digital Prints Finishes can be found in our Digital Print Design Essentials brochure.

To view Baresque’s latest magazine, follow the link to ESQUE Volume 15.


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