Club Parramatta

February 2, 2021

Designed by: EJE Architecture

Photographed by: Alexander Mcintyre

Manufactured by: Baresque (Custom Pod System)

Located on the corner of Macquarie and O’Connell streets in the heart of Sydney’s second CBD, Club Parramatta is a leading hospitality, leisure and entertainment venue. Built on the old Parramatta RSL Club site founded in 1947, the newly designed Club Parramatta responds to the evolving needs of the community being better integrated than ever to deliver a modern destination for Members and Visitors to enjoy.

Inspired by our Lucere Smoke, EJE Architecture approached Baresque with concept drawings of a two-part custom suspended pod system. Lucere Encapsulated is a poured acrylic resin which is used to encapsulate various materials providing a sheet with unparalleled depth and clarity. Almost the entire Lucere range can then be fabricated with standard wood working tools and easily installed with glass fittings providing the perfect solution for applications where weight and breakability of glass is problematic.

EJE discussed the concept at length with our in-house design and manufacturing team to assess what the best solution could be. After careful consideration of the project requirements which included thermoforming Lucere Smoke to fit into the custom suspended pods, it was decided to swap Lucere Encapsulated out for Seraphic Digital Print to allow the panel thickness to reduce to 3mm and for the panel to be cold-formed rather than deal with some of the costs and complexities of thermoforming. Baresque Manufacturing also took on in house fabrication of the whole pod which allowed for a more efficient design and supply process. The Seraphic Digital Print panels were fixed to the top circular unit that took the structure and weight of the unit bolted together with a flared base. This resulted in a bespoke two-part custom suspended pod system hanging side by side to create two seating zones in the main entrance to Club Parramatta.

Baresque was also proud to be able to supply Lucere Board, Lucere Mirror, commercial upholstery and Lightblocks Board Back-to-Back in custom colours that were lit from behind creating an ambiance of light.

We would like to thank the EJE Architecture Team, client and community for working with Baresque and that everyone is delighted with the end result for the new Club Parramatta.