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Listen up with the help of Zintra

Zintra® Acoustic Solutions absorb internal and external sound influences reducing the noise level  in a room. People feel more comfortable in the environment, being able to converse freely, experience better speech intelligibility and don’t have to fight to be heard. Zintra® offers all of these benefits in a range of colours and applications, sure to enhance your space.

Guaranteed to enhance your designs, Baresque is thrilled to announce the next progression in the Zintra journey – Zintra Timber + Sticks 

Features + Benefits

  • Cost effective sound absorbing solutions ranging from 0.45-0.95 NRC
  • 2800mm long panels are ideal for joint-free floor to ceiling applications
  • Broad range of neutral and bright colours
  • Multiple applications – walls, ceilings, screens, partitions, millwork
  • Easily fabricated and installed
  • Colour is uniform through entire thickness

Technical Downloads

  • Zintra Acoustic Specifications
  • Zintra Fabrication and Installation Guide
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